New images show Nicki Minaj booty real//KRASREUNION

For a while there has been debates as to whether or not Trinidad-American rapper Nicki Minaj booty is real or fake.

ImageREUNION ENTERTAINMENT thinks the Caribbean descent rapper booty is real because of one main fact. She is from the Caribbean which is the BOOTY capital of the world. Jamaican and Trinidadian women tends to be extra bless in the right areas and if you want confirmation take a look at a few Jamaican dancehall videos or go to a Trinidad soca party.

Take a look at Nicki Minaj images from her recent show in Atlanta.Image

Yes Popcaan and Black Ryno did fight @ Sting 2012.


Sting 2012 was for the most part a flop but the infamous fight between former labelmates Popcaan and Black Ryno brought some much needed humor to the show.

We are still unsure what caused the fight in the first place, however, you can see Popcaan pushing Black Ryno off the stage in the video below.

Popcaan was out on stage going through his set, receiving a lukewarm response from the audience when Black Ryno ran out on the stage presumably to clash Popcaan. But Poppy was having none of it and moved to pushed Ryno off the stage. A fight ensued but securities were quick on the stage to break things up.Image