Their magnetism has taken them all the way to the BET AWARDS. Find out if radio and weasel will scoop the best international act: RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT NEWS

 Their magnetism has taken them all the way to the BET AWARDS. Find out if radio and weasel will scoop the best international act : Africa Award







Buju Banton freed of gun charge but motion for new trial dismissed : RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT NEWS


Today is a great day
for Buju Banton in
his ongoing case
before a Florida
Federal Court.
Federal Judge James
Moody handed down
a ruling on
Wednesday (June 26)
dismissing the gun
charge that was
injected back into the
case by an appeal
court judge.

Moody also find juror
Teri Wright in
contempt after she
lied to the court
about researching the
case during the high
profile trial.
The judge requested
that the government
charge Wright with
contempt for violating
court orders.
Moody also dismissed
the Buju Banton’s
defense motion for a
new trial. This means
the Grammy-winning
reggae star still has
to serve out his 10
year sentence.
“This shows how
important good
reporting is,” Buju
Banton former
attorney, David Oscar
Markus, told New
Times .
“The judge credited
Chris’ reporting in
making his decision.
He reported
accurately what she
said, and it really was
the turning point for
Buju on the gun
charge,” Markus
The judge also
credited New Times
journalist Chris
Sweeney for exposing
juror Teri Wright.
Buju Banton, born
Mark Myrie, was
facing an additional
five years on the gun
He could be released
from prison in 2019.

Buju slated to appear in court today : RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT NEWS


Buju slated to appear
in court today –

International Reggae
artiste Buju Banton is
set to return to court
today in connection
with an ongoing juror
misconduct case .
Buju whose real name
is Mark Myrie, and his
lawyer Chokwe
Lumumba have
requested that the
presiding Judge James
Moody Jnr ., set a new
trial on the grounds of
juror misconduct . The
juror Teri Wright is
accused of misconduct
after she told journalist
based in South Florida
that she did research
on the case during the
trial. Last month a
computer expert who
did research on
Wright’s computer hard
drive found no
evidence of research,
however Banton ‘ s
lawyer have claimed
that the juror in the
case turned over the
wrong hard drive . Buju
Banton is currently
serving a 10 – year
service after he was
convicted of drug
trafficking charges and
faces an additional five
years behind bars after
a gun charge was
previously dropped.




yeeh yeh yeh

love child pon di case

alaine yeh yeh

seh she want a man x2

yeh yeh ooh yeh yeh yeh

ooh ooh yeh yeh yeh

Wyre Aaline

ooh ooh oh oh oh

love child records


Seh she want a man

who be faithful (aah)

she no want a man

who be so ungrateful (aah)

she no need her love

fi be painful (aah)

more time fi her heart

she be grateful

Wyre make me wanna say

nakupenda pia pia aha

Nakupenda pia

You make me wanna say

Nakupenda pia pia ahaa

Verse 1 (wyre)

She no care about mi back ground story and ting

All she want in life is honest and ting

Saying to miself mi want dis fine ting

Put mi game in check to say the right thing

Pretty gal let mi put a ring pon it

Share it to mi name, later make you wann call it

Dem call mi love child, concider mi pon it

Come inna mi town let mi show you

How mi run it,


Verse 2 ( alaine)

Wyre teach mi Swahili, oh penguin language

Yoh mi wann feel it, I mean really deeply completely

Diverse class from Kingston straight to Nairobi

Don’t wanna be lonely ooh oh oh oh oh oh

Dis ya loving, dis ya loving, dis ya loving

……….oh oh ohh oh oh

Come make we bring forth another love child


 Verse 3 ( Alaine then Wyre)

Oohh ooh what a ting ting ting

The love you give me make me sing sing sing

Ooh oh what a ting ting ting

You treat mi good mi African king

I’ll be you queen from Jamaica

I’ll cook you dinner teach you patwa (patois)

And when you stressed I’ll make it better

I’ll rub your head massage your shoulder


Never met an empress like Alaine

Fi your love mi gwan wait pon di rain

Extacy she gwan get when da strain

Wann fi gi you likkle taste a mi game

She gwan properly when she wine fronta me

Show dat truly she be Jamaican you know a ting

Dutty wine and everything dat no come with it

And how mi love it when she say aaaaaah.






In a bid to engage his fans more, Jamaican Reggae Superstar RICHIE SPICE is currently holding a fan contest whereby interested fans are required to upload a video of themselves singing to their favorite RICHIE SPICE song for a chance to perform with him in Negril Jamaica on the 6th of July and a two nights stay at Burbon Beach.


ImageDancehall is quite vocal on Kanye West’s upcoming album with a collaboration with Assassin and samples from Capleton, Popcaan and Beenie Man.

West is due to release his album, Yeezus, today. But when the album leaked late last week, one of the most noticeable things on the 10-track album was the strong presence of dancehall.


One of the songs, I Am A God, features sections of Capleton’s Forward Inna Dem Clothes, while another track, Send It Up, has samples of Beenie Man’s Memories. Popcaan is also featured on a track called Blocka.


However, it was Assassin who got the biggest chunk out of the album with his own verse on one of the songs called I’m In It.


In an interview with THE STAR, Assassin explained that he got a call from GeeJam Studio in Portland in October and that is how the link with Kanye was made.

“Kanye’s production was there working on a summer project and wanted some verses from dancehall artistes, and I was one of the artistes selected. I spat some verses, some with and some without music. I got a call in January and I was told he liked what he heard and I’d be hearing from them soon in order to do a bit more work,” he said.

Excited about being featured on the album, Assassin said, “the song is crazy … but it’s Kanye, so we know he pushes the envelope.”

As for his career, the deejay says this new development shows that he is diverse.


“What it means for my career really is a reinforcement that I am a diverse artiste who isn’t limited to a specific genre or type of music. I believe in being creative, and working with Kanye’s team was one of those great opportunities,” he told THE STAR, adding that he is open to any other such opportunities.


Meanwhile, Assassin says he recently released other songs like Shell, Tell Unnuh,How Yuh Mean featuring Ankle Socks (Twins of Twins character) and MaterialGirl.


“These are the summer hits you need to listen out for, as Shell has already started creating a buzz,” he said.


Having done shows in Tortola and West Palm, United States, in recent times, Assassin says he is looking forward to shows in Pennsylvania in June and the finals for Wray & Nephew Contender at the Chinese Benevolent Association next week. ImageImage



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