Konshens continues to dominate Dancehall Charts:RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT NEWS

ImageRed hot dancehall star Konshens continues to dominate the charts with multiple hits. The deejay who is currently in the midst of his European tour, is riding 5 local charts with five different singles.

The inescapable and catchy Walk and Wine produced by his Subkonshus Music label, sits at number three on the Pree Dis Caribbean Top Ten chart and is new at number 22 on the Jamaica Music Countdown Top 25 Dancehall Singles chart.

Sekkle Dung featuring singer Raine Seville moves to number nine on the Jamaica Music Countdown Top 25 Dancehall chart. That song was produced by Dre Day Production.

Lady Saw to quit Dancehall for Gospel Music : RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT NEWS.


Queen of the Dancehall
Lady Saw says she will be
leaving the dancehall
music industry as of
August 31 to pursue gospel
“The 31st of August I’m
out,” revealed the artiste.
“Me nah stay no longer,”
she added.
Saw cited spiritual
experiences as the reason
for her decision to leave
dancehall for gospel. In
addition to her break-up
with Lloyd ‘John John’
James after a 17-year
relationship, and the
widespread dislike for her
among females in the
dancehall music industry,
Saw says all have played a
role in her decision.
“It’s two things – been
having some experience
with God from August (last
year), it get very intense
very deep, and I
experienced the Holy
Ghost and then some
females rise up against
me,” she said.
“God use the closest
person to me an hurt me
an say ‘I going to see if
yuh love dah man yah
more than me’,” she
continued. Adding, “Then
Him send some friend …
who me did think a friend,
and God use them an hurt
me an say ‘Me ago see if
yuh nah come’.”
“I’m so tired of people
accusing me of fighting
against them, blocking
them out, pushing them
out. It’s okay, God want
me, so why not go? Maybe
He is the one that’s doing
it,” revealed the Queen of
the Dancehall.
Saw explained that many
have tried to persuade her
into joining the church,
however, she did not trust
their intentions.
Nevertheless, she was
persuaded after being
reunited with a long-time
friend who invited her to
“She lead me into a simple
church up inna one bush
down a St Ann yuh know, I
love the church cause it so
little,” she recalled.
Saw says she felt at home
in the church because she
was not treated differently
because of her stardom.
“One likkle boy realised
who I was and start
running around and telling
people it’s me and the
thing is I never see
everybody cu cu cu, yuh
know…, I don’t like
excitement. That’s where I
am going to be baptised,
renew my vows with God,”
she added.
Saw further added that
promoters are already
looking forward to having
her on Gospel shows


Bobby Wine to shoot video in Jamaica: RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT NEWS


Jamaica and Uganda
connect, as the ghetto
gladiator Bobi Wine
releases a hot tune, Clean
& Out alongside Mr. G
a.k.a Goofy of I don’t give
a damn fame. Clean & Out
is gonna make you dance
till you drop! It will rip
dance floors apart!
By doing a collabo with
Goofy, Bobi Wine has hit
many birds with the same
stone. Artists such as
Luciano, Bounty Killer and
Beenie Man have in the
past approached Goofy for
production ideas; and now
our very own Bobi Wine
has done a song with him.
If you know what I’m
talking about musically,
then you know how
important this is to Bobi
Wine’s career.
Whether you love Bobi
Wine or not, one fact is for
sure; he has set himself in
an international collabo
that can’t skip attention.
He has given the
international aspect of his
career a very powerful
boost. Just in case you do
not know Mr. G a.k.a
Goofy, let me just show
you his gravity.
Goofy is an artist worth a
lot of salt. He has a solid
reputation in Jamaican
music circles and has
inspired many and helped
a lot more with his
production mind.
Before becoming Mr. G,
Kingston’s Chad Simpson
was known as Goofy and
recorded buoyant,
humorous hits including
“Fudgie,” “Whining
Machine,” “Brush Yuh
Teeth,” and “Big Man,
Little Youth.” Simpson
started DJ-ing block parties
at the age of 12, collected
a massive amount of vinyl
in his teens, and worked
for the party organizing
firm Jampop Ltd. before
entering the studio in
While experiencing a string
of Jamaican hits under his
Goofy moniker, the toaster
was learning all he could
about the studio. “Fudgie”
topped the charts in 1996
and opened the doors to
new opportunities.
In 1999 he started his own
label, Young Blood. I Don’t
Give Damn was released
the same year under the
Goofy name, but Simpson
wasn’t interested in being
strictly lighthearted.
Changing his name to Mr.
G, Simpson continued his
production work for others
while recording his own
demos. S-Curve liked what
they heard and released
Mr. G’s debut, Issues, in
That is just to show you
the gravity of the man
Bobi Wine just did a
collabo with.
Truth be told, critics have
always found Bobi Wine’s
international link as
probably the weakest
aspect of his career. Those
who beef him have always
used that as the punching
spot when lashing at him.
Not anymore! Clean & Out
was crafted specifically for
your dancing pleasure; and
it’s gonna make you dance
till you drop!
Clean & Out joins a few
other songs Bobi Wine has
done with musicians
outside Uganda. These
include Ugandan Kenyan
Girl with Redsan (Kenya),
Little Things We Do with
Wahu (Kenya) and Why
remix with Mampi straight
from Zambia
Video to be shot in
Following the release of
the audio, the much
respected Ghetto Gladiator
exclusively revealed that
he would shot the video
from Jamaica. This means
that Bobi Wine is willing to
spend above 25 million to
have the video ready.
“I am going to Jamaica.
There, I will be received by
Stampede entertainment
which is one of the biggest
promotion companies in
Jamaica and together with
Mr G chose me to do this
collabo. They chose me
because of my talent,
personality as the ghetto
president and because of
my revolutionary music,
“Bobi Wine said.
Bobi Wine noted that
Clean & Out is already big
in Jamaica and in no time
will be massive even here
and across Africa.
Source hipipo.com

Vybz Kartel say prosecution has a weak case: RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT

After the first week of Vybz Kartel high profile murder trial, the dancehall star and his legal team are optimistic about breaking the case.


During the first week, the prosecution called five witnesses to testify, one of which is a crime scene investigator and another is a woman who said she heard the gun shots and discovered the victim’s body.


A source close to Vybz Kartel, who visit him regularly behind bars, told Urban Islandz that the self proclaim Worl’Boss is optimistic about walking free.


“The prosecution has a weak case because Addi is innocent and all this was fabricated from the beginning,” the source said. “Everything is coming to light now that the trial is going on, all the lies and fabrication and witness intimidation from police. Addi will walk free.”


The trial will continue next week in the Home Circuit Court and a verdict could be reached as early as the end of the week.


ImageVybz Kartel, born Adidja Palmer, along with two other men are on trial for the murder of promoter Barrington “Bossie” Burton.


If found guilty, Vybz Kartel could spend the rest of his life behind bars.



ImageNotice Productions C.E.O. Wayne Thompson, better known as ‘Unga’, is celebrating the boost in online views for a song he produced titled Missing You (Come Over) performed by Busy Signal, courtesy of a viral video which was uploaded on instagram, by international multi-award winning Pop/R&B princess Rihanna.Image

In the home-made music video, the Bajan singer is seen gyrating her body while playing the song and singing the words atop her voice.


“Girl you’re all I need and I’m always missing you,” she sang with her hands in the air in salute.


The song was released on the Heart & Soul rhythm which was released in 2012. However, since Rihanna released her video, the song has seen a massive increase of over two million views. Checks online revealed that prior to her playful rendition, the viewership on the official video stood at approximately 1.3 million. It has now exceeded the 3.3 million mark.


The increased viewership has also spawned the video, making its way on to MTV IGGY, an official arm of MTV that relentlessly scours the globe in search of exciting young musicians creating the sounds of the future.


Unga and Notice Productions have also received several commendations since Rihanna’s endorsement. “Over the past couple of days, I have been getting a lot of calls and feedback about the song and that’s how I became aware of what Rihanna had done – for that I give thanks. But more importantly, this proves once again the significant impact that Reggae music has around the globe”.


Unga also took the opportunity to ask the local Government to have more respect for Jamaica’s cultural heritage. He also says the policy makers should spend more time seeking to uplift the culture, rather than fighting against it.


Unga recently collaborated with Reggae icon Jimmy Cliff, and is also expected to release a new compilation called the Intransit Rhythm which features Demarco, Jah Cure, Konshens, I-Octane, Christopher Martin, Ras Penco and Chevaughn among others.


Several viewers have also posted comments under Missing You’s YouTube link, confirming that Rihanna’s post had brought them there.


“Rihanna brought me here,” said one YouTuber, while another said “Thank You Rihanna for the amazing song”.


Rihanna in a home-made video now gone viral is seen sitting on what appears to be a flight of steps singing along to Busy Signal’s – Come Over (Missing You); featured on the Heart & Soul Rhythm the song has seen a massive increase of over two million views in a matter of days. Checks online revealed that prior to her playful rendition the viewership on the official video stood at approximately 1.3 million which has now exceeded the 3.3 million mark.