1.Sleeky:    Zama daiz ? It been long since we had a conversation.uko poa Mr.Dj?

.Vj Chris:  am cool bro, yap its been long ever since we last talked Two years i guess.

2.Sleeky: Stylus awards…whats your take on it?

Vj Chris: would say its a good thing because its an opportunity to expose upcoming talent and a chance to prove to the society that yes  u can make it and do something normal in a dope way. lol

3.Sleeky: You taking over kenyan streets, did you ever expect such a street takeover considering kuna “king were streets” already?

Vj Chris:.He he okay, honestly i did not, Street Kings wako manze plus i wouldn’t say that am already one. but in Future, ad love to be

4.Sleeky: Have known you way back, when you were codered website administrator
to working with Dj Finalkut now work with BARAKA FM 95.5.?How was it
working with Styles and having to shift base from the Capital to

 Vj Chris: Actually that was way back when i was in school in Nairobi, and i was just in CodeRed as an I.T. admin. Completely nothing to do with djyng.  The exposure that i got from sitting in room full of super djs and Dj Equipments plus i used to love music made the interest grow. that’s wen  i talked to Dj FinalKut n he introduced me to the industry. Stylez is a Cool guy who expects results. Thats why he is one of the best. I relocated Back to Coast coz this is where my family is,2ndly, I wanted to form my own unit plus i got a job back here.

                  Image                               Image                                 

5.Sleeky: You have been nominated as Radio Dj ,vj and street dj of the along other prominent names, do you think you stand a chance of winning?                                                             

Vj Chris:Yes i do. i have a feeling that am gonna win this award cz i have worked hard, played hard,and.. i have the votes 50% plus one..lol

6.Sleeky: When we talk about djs artists have to be included do you think djs
are being appreciated like artists? 

Vj Chris:Id say that, Nai djs yeah, coz they make good money out of it, they manage their bills, get international Shows n more. but back here in Mombasa,, we still have few steps to make before we reach their level.

7.Sleeky:Having worked both in Nairobi and Mombasa what are the top critical
issues that Mombasa has to change to uplift our game?

Vj Chris:Lets appreciate local talent, djs to be specific, pay them well, support them and work as a community. thats why Nairobi Djs are on top. they work together and support each other unlike huku wea kukanyagiana manze ndio issue and very little cash from events and shows.Thats why u rarely see me playing on an event. i get calls someone asks you how much do want u for a gig am like i want 20k. they be like all that!  mi ntakupa 4k bro  cz wee ni wa huku yet when they invite Djs rom the Capital City they pay them upto 150k. per night. .So for now Am Making a name for my self ile day mullah itaanza kuingia Skeeky al buy u delomnte mango juice hehe

8.Sleeky: when is the next Swagg video mixx coming out?
 How can artist get you to be featured in your playlists both on radio
and street?
Vj Chris
: Swagg T.V.  is a Branch of my Unit, We have 3 categories,1. Swagg Djs which include 3 Guys, VJ Chris, Dj Riqo<Hez Nai based> And Dj Nicki.<Shez a she!>  2.Swagg Ent. where we are into the Movie and Music industry. We Download and sell movies and music to dvds, iPods i pads and phones.  We have our Office here in Mombasa Town. And Swagg T.V. which is for the Streets. We do Video Mixxes  and Sell them. Individually and in wholesale .As of last week on Sunday, we released Swagg T.V. Vol. 24 .Video Mix. so far we have 24 one hr Each Video Mixes and it takes almost two months before we release a Video Mix. so the next mixtape wil be out probably in October For audio, we do 4 hours every week.

Sleeky:Your dreams and ambitions as a dj?

Vj Chris:I wanna take the music industry to the  next level and prove to the world that even Mombasa has the finest DJS

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@PROFFDATA working on new album #SIKU-NYINGI |Drops new video ‘KIDOGO’|read full interview : RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT

SLEEKY: For long you have worked with Maich Blak & herbalist are there any
projects you have worked with other producers?
PROFF: ……. yeah when I
started music I worked with Musyoka when I was still in a group but ever
since I started my solo career I’ve only worked with Maich blak & the
SLEEKY : In your song “sina time” you have very strong words & seems so
emotional, were you hitting out on someone?
PROFF: no not anyone
specific, that song is a dedication to those who spend their time talkin
about other peoples bizness
SLEEKY : You just released sina time about mid last month now you releasing
yet another video, is this your strategy or you don’t have much
expectation in “sina time”?..
PROFF: I’m doing that coz my album is
ready and the plan is to be consistent with the releases during this period.
SLEEKY: You once backed Redsan in his songs now you are a solo artist, how
was it working with him now that you have grown n managed to top almost
every chart in Kenya?
PROFF: it was amazing and challenging at the
same time, being a back up singer and also trying to curve out myself as a
solo artist, but eventually everything fell into place after a lot of
hard work..
SLEEKY : Will we ever see you working on collaboration with Redsan in near
PROFF: yeah ,if the opportunity is presented then we can definitely
work on something, but now I’m concentrating to perfect the brand #proff
SLEEKY : Data topped Kenyan and East Africa charts do you see Kidogo
reaching such a levels?
PROFF: yeah in I think it so but only time will
tell, but so far the kidogo wave has already started so we just wait and see!
SLEEKY: Of late there has been emergence of hip-hop youngsrars what should
be done uplift Kenyan up and coming dancehall artists?
PROFF:….I think the
artists themselves should work very hard individually to bring themselves
out there, in this game it’s hard to find anyone willing to help you.
SLEEKY: It has now been a trend, Kenyan artists doing collaborations with
Jamaican artists, will we see Proff feature a Jamaican artist in the
near future?
PROFF: …….maybe when the time is right that can happen but at the
moment I’m concentrating on the release of my album #siku-nyingi.
SLEEKY: Currently there are a lot of Kenyan riddims by king rebel, zj
heno, rabizle…..ft Kenyan dancehall artist, what’s your take on this
PROFF: ….. I think it’s a great move but it can only work if the production is
done correctly and is off good quality…

SLEEKY: Back on your new song, Kidogo…you fused Swahili on a bashment
beat like most of your previous songs which came out perfect, is this
your permanent style or you plan to change as time goes by?
PROFF: I guess
that’s one of my style that I’ve already perfected, but it’s not the only one
have different vybz according to what I’m singing about
SLEEKY: When will you see you perform in Mombasa County?

PROFF: ……….not sure yet
but when the time comes ull definately be the first to know…



Fall Back is Hip Hop track that is essentially meant to showcase the range
of rapping skills possessed by Kalimani although some issues are adressed
within the song. Kalimani talks about struggles faced by youth from
alcoholism, abandoned children, depression, poverty and hunger, oppression,
crime (and redemption from it), money and hustling and some cheeky
references to politics.
He dedicates the entire third verse to talking about the industry and
unworthy rappers.
The video is simple with nothing too flashy in order for viewers to also
listen to the lyrics as they watch the video.

Dancehall Hot Gal LALA PINKDOLL to release new single soon/Blasts haters on Facebook : RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENTblasts

Nuff time people drain mi energy wid one bag ah fuckary. Have me feeling like shyt some people even tell me i should quit music . Some people act like music live ah dem yard…trying to be success and people constantly breaking me down…Even if i dont blow up to be a big superstar mi naw give up because i love music and it makes me happy ah nuff time mi did hungry wey uno did dey fi feed me??? To be honest right now im in a better place mi just ah thank God fi life because wey no dead no dash it wey

LALA PINKlalaaaalalaaaaw

Dancehall duo RDX say free ‘worl boss’ song & details inside : RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT

NEW YORK, USA (Shuzzr PR): After concluding a video shoot for their hit single “The Bruk Out Song” in Trinidad and Tobago. Dancehall’s leading RDX returned home, to release another controversial single titled “Free World Boss”.

The single which mentions not only the viral sensation Rosie who seeks Justice in an unjust country, brings to the forefront several other issues plaguing the Jamaican society. Though the group isn’t an affliate of the Gaza, they make note of how the “Jamaican system” is trying to penalizes Vybz Kartel aka “Worl Boss” for his stance on a social platform.

RDX who clearly stated that the life story thus far of the neo king is one of a ‘rags to riches’ story, which themselves amongst many other Jamaican can relate to. Renegade of RDX states “lt needs to be established that this is not us seeking nuh hype off kartel, we dun hype already before. This is us standing up for a fellow artiste and ghetto representative plus reflecting what the streets saying”. He states further “It should be a “gaza” artiste who come out n say this, one who kartel tek from nutn n tun inna star should be singing a free worl boss song”.

As Summer is reaching it’s peak, RDX journey is in full swing, the duo have made it their duty to keep their fans entertained and keep critics and naysayers at bay. Their success comes as no surprise. Jamaicans and dancehall music lovers worldwide gravitate towards RDX’s artistry. While some sceptics thought the group would be a one hit wonder, their creativity, ingenuity and resilience has proven them to be mainstays in the local and international audiences.

Mavado refused to perform on same stage as Tommy Lee : RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT

ImageImageMavado‘s Guyanese fans are still fuming after a no show from the dancehall star last weekend for the annual Slingerz Caribbean Summer Jam.

Mavado’s team blame the promoter, Slingerz Family, for the no show. While the promoter is casting the blame on Mavado.


According to reps for the Gully Gad, the promoter sent a small aircraft from Guyana to Jamaica to transport Mavado and his band. The plane was cramped, had no bathroom, and took 19 hours to fly from Jamaica to Guyana after making several stops to re-fuel.


After being checked in the Princess Hotel on Saturday evening, Mavado decided he will not performed on the show. However, fellow dancehall star Tommy Lee went ahead with his performance.


The promoters Slingerz Family released a statement claiming that Mavado refused to performed on the show because Tommy Lee performed on the same stage.


“At the conclusion of Tommy Lee’s performance and whilst still discussing with a Slingerz Family representative whether he would perform, Mavado indicated that the present show was Tommy Lee’s show and maybe Slingerz family should hold a show the next day, which would be the Mavado show,” Slingerz reps said.


Slingerz also apologize to patrons for Mavado’s no show.