Coast Music Awards Organisers Wakeup or RISK… RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT

For a start not everyone in Mombasa leaves on Social media so find other avenues to market the awards.Its high time Julia contracts a reputable firm to plan and manage this important event for the well being of Coast music.No one wants to come to an event only to find six people confused like what happend @ the Nzumaris some weeks ago.The venue is perfect for such an event we hope the sound will also be good.At the moment il give the organising team 2/10 for poor planning/marketing of the event.

Is Kartel’s book causing his troubles ??? | RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT


refuses to comment on the issue
and claims he is not afraid despite
recently toning down his attacks on
the system after confronting the
National Security Minister on
prejudicing Kartel’s case and
challenging former Senator Tufton to
a debate on Dancehall earlier in the
year With the DNA being negative,
missing pages from witness’
statement, tales of dog bites and
lost note books; the man on the
street in Jamaica now wonders “Is
what Kartel do suh, why de man dem
want him so bad.” Prior to his arrest
in 2011, he was enjoying one of the
relatively quieter years as far as
legal ramblings are concerned. In
earlier years, he had punched
Ninjaman on Stage, caused the
Broadcasting Commission to change
its rules on banning songs mainly
due to the monster hit “Ramping
Shop” and even forced the then
Prime Minister to summon him to
Jamaica House as he was partially
being blamed for a Gully/Gaza
conflict that took over the entire
nation and parts of the Caribbean.
Apart from a few detentions and
quick releases; the system never
really came hard at Vybz Kartel
before as they did in September
2011. Again, that was a relatively
quiet year for Kartel in so far as
interaction with the police as the
Gaza/Gully war was over and he
then vowed not to sing anymore gun
songs. However, contrary to reason,
the world suddenly sees Vybz Kartel
in jail for more than 2 years for 4
cases including one involving a
single stick of ganja which another
person admitted ownership of. Now
with a case that seems to have more
holes than an gourmet slice of Swiss
cheese and even included a story of
a man who is not on the Jamaican
Olympic team hopping on one foot
running down and catching another
man who said he was running for his
life; Jamaicans are looking for
answers as to why the system would
hold a man in jail for two years on
such shaky evidence. Now there are
whispers that it could be his book
as the only logical explanation.
What many had not realized until
Princeton endorsed it, was that his
book Voice of the Jamaican Ghetto
was Kartel’s single most potent
attack on Babylon’s system. In the
book Kartel calls on the government
to immediately end the Westminster
system and set a date for becoming
a republic, he calls the Members of
Parliament the “N” word, questions
Bustamante’s right to be a National
Hero and reveal that Hugh Shearer
once banned black books in Jamaica
long before Ramping Shop was
banned. He attacked the police for
unjust killings and questionable
deaths in custody and even reveals
some elements of Jamaica’s history
that were previously swept under
the rug by the system. He takes on
the PNP and JLP like no one has ever
done before. It is said by many that
if this book gets to win the fight
against it and gets to the masses in
Jamaica similar to its global monster
sales, Jamaica could be in for its
first revolution – an intellectual
revolution as suggested by Kartel
but never the less it is obvious that
much like the influential authors
that affected the French Revolution,
Vybz Kartel is a major threat to the
establishment because of his ability
to influence the masses – this time
with their history, statistics that
highlight the uneven distribution of
wealth and more so an
empowerment to rid themselves of
the strong hold and division that
Jamaica politics impart on poor
people. Kartel’s co-author and
business partner Michael Dawson
firmly refuse to comment on this new
rambling about the book causing
Kartel’s demise, only saying only
that his focus right now is to work
with the lawyers to ensure that
Kartel is home soon


Dj Bunduki to ft in a top Kenyn artist new video @ RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT

Award winning Champion of the street Dj Bunduki has been invited to feature in what is to be the biggest and most expensive video ever made in Kenya.The top artist is currently the richest and highly paid in music sector.Bunduki is at the moment the most popular dj with shows from weekend to weekend and his mixes(street lock down & hype mix) rocking every matatu in Kenya.

Nation Media group new Boss sacks top Qfm & Easy fm presenters|RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT


The new boss formerly of Ogilvy is on
a restructuring mission of the Nation
Media Group Business units, Q &
Easy fm , the following are some of
the presenters who have been sacked.
Lynda Oriaso
Elvina Omalla
Edward Kwach(easy fm)
Sam Waruinge-editor
Roncliff odit
Ian Wainaina
The homerun programe on Easy Fm
has also been cancelled, Easy fm
might be relaunched in February next
year under a new name.

“Top 10 Nelson Mandela Quotes of All- Time.” |RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT


The world joins African today in mourning the demise of our most prized national figure and anti-apartheid icon Nelson Mandela.
But one of the many things African
students — and people all across
the world can look towards to for
inspiration — are the many quotes
Mandela has provided us with.
Here is our list of the “Top 10
Nelson Mandela Quotes of All-

1. Nothing in this world is
impossible and Mandela makes sure
to remind us of that.
“It always seems impossible until it’s

2. A lot of people find it easy to be
pessimistic and think of the
negatives that can arise out of a
situation. But in this quote,
Mandela shows us that thinking
positive is the only way to go. The
more positive you think, the more
positive the outcome will probably
“I am fundamentally an optimist.
Whether that comes from nature or
nurture, I cannot say. Part of being
optimistic is keeping one’s head
pointed toward the sun, one’s feet
moving forward. There were many
dark moments when my faith in
humanity was sorely tested, but I
would not and could not give myself
up to despair. That way lays defeat
and death.”

3. Living isn’t just about doing for
yourself, but what you do for
others as well.
“For to be free is not merely to cast
off one’s chains, but to live in a way
that respects and enhances the
freedom of others.”

4. An ode to the fact that racism is
not passed on genetically, but
passed on through teachings.
“No one is born hating another
person because of the color of his
skin, or his background, or his
religion. People must learn to hate,
and if they can learn to hate, they
can be taught to love, for love comes
more naturally to the human heart
than its opposite.”

5.  Life is a course with endless
obstacles to hurdle.
“After climbing a great hill, one only
finds that there are many more hills
to climb.”

6. We are too quick to give up and
refuse to get up from our failures.
If we don’t fight to get up, we are
giving up on something bigger —
“The greatest glory in living lies not
in never falling, but in rising every
time we fall.”

7. Sometimes you can leave a place
and find that the only thing that
has changed after all the years is
“There is nothing like returning to a
place that remains unchanged to find
the ways in which you yourself have

8. Keep your friends close and your
enemies closer.
“If you want to make peace with
your enemy, you have to work with
your enemy. Then he becomes your

9. Be brave!
“I learned that courage was not the
absence of fear, but the triumph over
it. The brave man is not he who does
not feel afraid, but he who conquers
that fear.”

10. From the poorest of countries to
the richest of nations, education is
the key to moving forward in any
“Education is the most powerful
weapon which you can use to change
the world.”


CONGRATS: Zulekha Suchh co-host with Tinah Korosso on Maisha Jioni radio show bags another award |RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT


This was Tinah’s facebook post after
Zulekha won the award
“help me congratulate my partner in
crime….the funniest lady in Kenya,
miss Zulekha Suchh,winning her
second award this year. 1st it was
the cheka awards ,she went home
with Queen of comedy 2013 and now
it’s the Sanaa awards as the
funniest lady on Television,Hongera
walalo Ajab”. Here at RE-UNION we
say congratulaion for the great work.


Lupita Nyon’go & Oprah favourites to get Oscar nominations | RE-UNION ENTERTAINMENT

Lupita Nyon’go daughter to former minister Anya’ng Nyon’go is among top favourite acts to get an Oscar nomination in the best supporting act (female)category, this is because of her austonishing performance in “12 years a slave” directed by Steve Mcqueen, Oprah Winfery is also a favourite as she put an amaizing performance in “the botler” considering she is not a fulltime actress.We wish our Kenyan daughter all the best.