Ghettosupastaz CEO Dj Bunduki calls off East Africa Night..

​Due to unavoidable circumstances GhettoSupastaz Entertainment takes this opportunity to bring it to your attention that our weekly East African night show that has been going down every Tuesday night at Diaspora lounge in Rongai Nairobi  has unfortunately come to an end, the show was a special platform for our very talented artists to showcase their new music releases both audio and visuals after which the Ghetto supers team  would  offer promo services on our mixtapes which are on heavy rotation and online platforms . We apologise to all our fans and artists who had made the night a no miss show and promise to set up a different venue for the show very soon.Meanwhile you can continue to download and enjoy our mixtapes for free here DJ BUNDUKI ON MIXCRATE 

Dancehall artist calls out SiS P for Uchoyo Remix ..

Dancehall artist Fidelaiz (Snapback King) Known for his 2014 Dancehall Hit Whine like A Go Go who’s video was termed explicit by Kenya Film Classification Board for promoting pole dancing has reached out to  A million record’s signed Queen of Kings Sis P for a possible remix to her latest controversial song Uchoyo with Dazlah , Fidelaiz argued that Dazlah was the wrong pick for Uchoyo since he is a softer artist and couldn’t match to Sis P’s level of drama  , he continued to say that their remix would be a bigger song that can only compare to Vybz Kartel ft Spice 2008 massive hit Romping Shop . Fidelaiz who lost his dad three weeks ago is back  in Mombasa from his burial and looking foward to  going back into active recording .


Girl left whatssap group because of this song…

Photo : Frankie Dee wins Mombasa Awards Promising artist of the year 

Frankie Dee hit reggae Fisilet tune talks of a girl who is in love with the wood and jumps from one man to another the song is simply  addressing this character trait that exists in any given society so its not unique to Kenya only , however in a certain Whatsapp group one member referred to a female member jokingly as a #Fisilet , the female member never took it lightly and instead opted to LEFT the group 

Click to Download Frankie Dee – Fisilet ( Crown love riddim)

I meant “to Gossip” not Susumila in Madda Dem says Frankie Dee

​Dancehall artist FRANKIE DEE has come out to explain part of the lyrics in his latest dancehall hit MADDA DEM { Asanteni kwa Kuja Dancehall Refix}

The lines ” Licky Licky SUSU SUSU laba laba”  left a section of music fans claiming he was calling out top coast artist SUSUMILA however the recently crowned Coast Awards promising artist of the year has explained that the phrase SUSU SUSU is a slang which means to GOSSIP . 


FRANKIE DEE- MADDA DEM – LYRICS [Asanteni Kwa Kuja Dancehall Refix]


​Out in the streets they call him Dancehaaall Beast

Whether dem red like a sun we come fi Madda dem/

Whether dem love like a child we come fi Madda dem/ 

A which beat dem a kill we still a Madda dem/

Didddidzzle Boomshot


Tell dem we come fi Madda dem/

We hot dis year we come fi Madda dem/

Inna we refix style we come fi Madda dem/

A we say Madda Dem A we say Madda Dem/ boom  x 2
Verse 1

Madda Dem dat a weh we come fi do

Big up unnoself a me say big up unno crew 

Who no love di youth dem a wah do you you you

Let di  Ting Go dat a you fi do

Me only Rank after Shabba/

Real bad man me no take back stabber/

Liki liki susu susu laba laba/

Beanie man a tell dem fi zip dem zagga/

A Boomshot

Verse 2

Welcome di dancehall BEAST/

Bad inna me songs but me love PEACE/

And if a gunshot ting no we nuh MISS/

Wollipa gal inna di dance say dem love WE/

Me run reggae dancehall now me run ragga ragga/

Party full a girls coulda day passa passa/

Fully bad check out how me fresh swagga swagga/



Verse 3

Out in the streets they call him Dancehaaall Beast

Whether dem red like a son we come fi Madda dem

Whether dem love like a child we come fi Madda dem 

A which beat dem a kill we still a Madda dem 

A we say madda dem a me say Madda dem 

Coz me tell dem everyday but dem no want fi hear dat

Hear what? Man a bad man gwan ask a nigga 

Me put a refix pon dem song but dem a block it instant 

Bumshoot lyrics a no bagga freestyle 

tell em

Welcome di dancehall BEAST

Bad inna me songs but me love PEACE

And if a gunshot ting no we nuh MISS

Wollipa gal inna di dance say dem love WE



Ting Go hit maker Frankie Dee aka DancehallBeast is the most promising artists Mombasa Awards 2016 , the award ceremony took place at Azura Club on Friday 12th where he also announced releasing a new dancehall refixx which we can confirm is already out and you can get it on this link FRANKIE DEE – MADDA DEM [ Asanteni kwa kuja dancehall refix]